Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nenshi attends Calgary Business Hall of Fame Gala Dinner (Doom does too)

Calgary's New Mayor -Naheed Nenshi

Doom was lucky enough to rub shoulders last night with Calgary’s new Mayor. This was Naheed Nenshi's first public outing as Mayor-elect. (Actually it was more like Doom got to rub eyeballs with Nenshi as people swamped the guy). They were attending the 7th Annual Calgary Business Hall of Fame Gala Dinner. (Who knew they had such things?). However unlike Nenshi, Doom didn't get to enjoy the the Roast beef tenderloin because he was there to help behind the scenes. (Comedy doesn't always pay the bills and what if some of these business people are vegetarians?).
By all accounts there was a lot of money floating around and it sounded like this young man without a mustache wouldn't have been the attendee's first choice for Mayor. However CBC’s Peter Mansbridge was emceeing the event and reportedly used many superlatives to introduce Nenshi. He also made mention of the extraordinary turnout for the election, which has made headlines across Canada.
Serendipitously, the timing of the Business Gala Dinner presented an opportunity for Mansbridge to interview Nenshi for his One on One program. I'll be keen to watch that interview this weekend....


  1. Great heads up, I'll be watching Mansbridge too...with great interest. Thanks!

  2. Do you think he'll grow a moustache now that he's been elected?

  3. I was at the event with Doom that night and unlike him I was presented with the opportunity to ask the Mayor-elect one question...sauce?