Friday, October 22, 2010

Don Cherry goes into the Dragons' Den Lair

Doom has some great friends and one in particular is Clark Robertson aka Don Cherry. Yep, that Don Cherry. (Actually, I try to avoid Canada's hockey mania and really no idea who the Don Cherry is).
Clark is a very successful comedian, Don Cherry impersonator and a lovely guy. He dropped everything and helped us move from our tiny noisy apartment to the quiet corner of the neighborhood back in August. If it wasn't for his outlandish Don Cherry van I'm not sure how we would have managed. And he is a wonderful ambassador for worm compost bins - he always talks about them to other people when I'm in their company. 
"Don Cherry"
Clark and his wife Darlene held a celebration on Wednesday when the episode of them bravely going before the wrath of CBC'c Dragons Den finally aired. Clark was sworn to secrecy about the outcome so Doom has been on tenterhooks for a long time. But wouldn't you know it, he had a comedy show up in Grand Prairie that night. Still I went to attend the packed premiere of the airing at the Deerfoot Inn. What a fun night! It was the first time I've seen Clark as Don Cherry and yes, he mentioned to others the gorgeous benefits of compost worms at our table. I'm not sure if the real Don Cherry knows anything about composting worms but kudos to Dragons' Den's Brett Wilson for stumping up the cash for Clark and Darlene. Never mind what Kevin O'Leary might think you made a great decision! 

Comedians as Movers?
Careful with my plants!



  1. Thanks Karen...Did I mention I've told a few people about your worms?